EquityPath MD-715

EquityPath MD-715 is a web-based software specifically designed for federal agencies who have the obligation to file MD 715 reports to EEOC as required by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Rehabilitation Act. EquityPath MD-715 can read and analyze MD-715 data tables, perform both Binomial Tests and Fisher’s Exact test to evaluate whether protected class members are disadvantaged in various employment outcomes, and identify triggers and barriers that warrant further investigations.

EquityPath MD-715 has received a 100% compliance rating for Section 508, for hearing and vision impaired users under US Government Agency testing.

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Flexible Hosting Options

The software can be hosted on our servers, on-premise or on the cloud

Advanced Analytics

Sophisticated statistical tests are automated and made accessible to HR professionals and attorneys

Actionable Insight

Triggers and barriers that warrant further investigations are highlighted

Easy Reporting

Results are summarized in charts and graphs and readily downloadable