EquityTest provides reports for HR Professionals and Attorneys to proactively test for pay inequity BEFORE submitting wage data to the DFEH in California. You can gain a huge advantage by identifying, and potentially mitigating, any issues before the DFEH or EEOC or private litigants inform you or your C-Suite of any problems.

You, or your legal counsel, can perform them anonymously, with no corporate identifiers, on actual data, partially complete data, or test data.  Your report contains statistical results from three tests (Mann-Whitney, Kruskal-Wallis and Interval Regression) discussed by the EEOC in the Federal Register.  See a Sample Report.

Analyze your data before you turn it in

Upload wage data forms and hours worked to test your firm’s compliance

Your legal counsel can do it all for you. It is that simple

Anonymous data analysis is supported. We require no corporate identifiable information

See your results within the next business day

Results from 490 tests per establishment are provided in our report

Easy to read results based on graphical output

Potential problems highlighted with detailed statistical output

Results based on three methods discussed by EEOC

Data is secure after uploading for analysis

We delete your data after 48 hours and your downloadable report is retained for at most 30 days